MultiZorbers offer the lightweight quality of foam with the acoustic performance qualities of fiberglass, completely encapsulated in attractive, acoustically transparent nylon sailcloth.

The Swiss Army knife of acoustic control products

Because of its unique mounting system, MultiZorber panels can be hung on a wall or from the ceiling in seconds, or mounted quickly in a corner to trap low frequencies.

MultiZorber panels can be removed just as quickly, and transported easily for use in another studio or recording environment.

Tip: 3M Command Large Wire Hooks 17069 are a convenient, easy and non-intrusive mounting method.

MultiZorber advantages

  • Versatile, lightweight, portable, durable, easy-to-install broadband acoustic absorption at an affordable price.
  • True broadband absorption – NRC 0.90 against a wall or ceiling and NRC 1.35 as a free-standing baffle
  • Lightweight (24" x 48" is only 2.25 lbs), low-cost alternative to foam
  • Sleek look with rugged durability
  • Class A fire-rated
  • 100% made in the USA
  • No adhesives, no clips

Where to buy

MultiZorber 2424 Silver

MultiZorber 2424 Black

MultiZorber 2448 Silver

MultiZorber 2448 Black