Jim S.

Jim S.

GeerFab customer


I recently purchased a D.BOB thinking what the heck. Splurge and see.

It seems that I’ve experienced 20 years of disappointment with SACD as a format. Unless I was willing to spend 10k plus, I had not heard any players that really rewarded the acquisition of a whole library of DSD discs. I wrote off the good but not great sound as endemic to the format. My 100s of SACDs mostly lay unplayed as high resolution streaming became a fulfilling medium.

Installing the D.BOB has changed my audio life. And it’s not just the amazing sound of SACD through my Mytek Brooklyn+ fed by the D.BOB, but all media from my oppo 105D through a current generation HDMI seems to be producing extraordinarily fine sound with spacious images that render newly discovered information. I want to listen all day. I dream about the sound.

To say that I’m grateful would be understated. But, Thank you for this brilliant device. Wow!