Controlling sound waves reflecting in any music room is critical to a successful listening and recording experience. Whether deadening a room that is too boomy or dampening a rehearsal space to save your hearing, any serious musician or engineer should consider treating each room to get the best results.

Until now, buying acoustic treatment for studio and rehearsal spaces meant gluing acoustic foam to walls and ceilings, attempting a time-consuming, often shabby-looking DIY solution or high-priced fabric-wrapped fiberglass panels.

Now, with the RoomZorber line by GeerFab Acoustics, your room can be acoustically treated with products that are the best of both worlds – the lightweight quality of foam with the acoustic horsepower of fiberglass and high fit 'n finish fabric-wrapped fiberglass panels at a more affordable price.



The portable solution for controlled sound


Sound control with style


About Us

GeerFab Acoustics was established in 2008 by Eric Geer and quickly made a name for itself by quieting noisy restaurants, hospitals and offices.  After landing high-profile projects like Kohl’s HQ, Marquette University and Ministry HealthCare and tuning several recording studios along the way, Geer found himself creating custom/hybrid products for the needs of particular projects. This all led to the founding of the GeerFab Acoustics line of products.

After winning the prestigious Best in Show award at the 2013 NAMM Show with the MultiZorber, GeerFab Acoustics has gone on to enjoy continued success with the ProZorber.

2016 will see the launch of a full line of acoustic products, including bass traps, clouds, diffusors, baffles, paintable panels, custom images, a portable vocal booth and monitor isolation pads.

See our contact info below to get in touch with GeerFab Acoustics today and click here to learn more about the projects that put GFA on the map.