GeerFab Audio D.BOB Digital Break Out Box


EXTRACT DSD and Hi-Res PCM from discs to an external DAC for the first time ever…legally

Discover the Unheard Dimensions of SACD & Full Potential of DSD

Rediscover your SACDs and hear what you’ve been missing…staggering clarity and presence, dramatically improved dynamics, and a wide open, accurate sound stage. D.BOB enables you to experience the full potential of DSD and hi-res PCM of the SACD format…it’s so good you’ll start collecting again.

SACD Stack

Not Just for SACDs

If you’ve been relying on the internal DAC on your universal player* or AVR for playback of Blu-Ray Audio, DVD Audio, or standard CDs. D.BOB will allow you to take advantage of your high-end DAC** to enjoy those formats to their ultimate ability.  D.BOB can also improve the audio quality of Apple TV and other media streamers.

The Promise:

Originally developed by SONY and Phillips, Direct Stream Digital (DSD) is arguably the best recording and playback format ever developed for digital audio with its 2.8224 mHz sampling rate (64 times the sampling rate of CDs). The introduction of Super Audio CDs (SACD) as the delivery method for DSD held great promise for audiophiles everywhere. 

The Problem:

DSD sounded good, so good in fact that copyright holders were concerned about releasing music at such a high resolution because of the rampant piracy of traditional CDs. Copy protection restrictions were placed on SACD players that blocked the playback of the HD layer of SACDs through digital outputs and it could only be played back through analog outputs. That meant the audio quality was limited to the quality of the player’s onboard DAC, which was often compromised.

The Solution:  

Introducing the D.BOB Digital BreakOut Box. GeerFab Audio has developed an innovative solution that allows you to legally harness the digital audio transfer of DSD audio from SACDs through the HDMI output of universal music players and feed it though D.BOB’s S/PDIF coax or optical output for conversion through your favorite high end DAC. See System Requirements for tested and confirmed universal players and DACs.

US Patent No. 11,137,970.

EXTRACT DSD64 and up to 24-bit/192kHz PCM from DISCS to an EXTERNAL DAC

Unlock the DSD64 and hi-res PCM from your SACDs and Blu-ray Audio discs, then output the data stream to an external DAC for D/A conversion with full HD copy protection

  • Extracts DSD64 and PCM up to 24/192 from the HDMI data stream from a player/transport with HDMI out
  • Outputs DSD64 via the DoP (DSD over PCM) protocol and hi-res PCM up to 24/192 through the S/PDIF Coax and Toslink Optical outputs to an external DAC
  • Fully HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) and copy protection compliant
  • HDMI pass-through for player menu settings and other video uses
  • Mini-USB for firmware updates
  • DC 12V input for battery power
  • Grounded 3-prong power cord

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