GeerFab Acoustics in Mix magazine

27 Feb 2018

Another weapon in combating ambient noise at NAMM probably went unnoticed by most attendees. The overhead signs hanging on the aisles flagging each row’s number served as additional acoustic treatment for the hall on both floors. GeerFab Acoustics manufactured all the signs for the project. There were 101 signs in total, measuring 48 x 96 x 2 inches. Hanging from them at a 90-degree angle on aluminum t-frames were another 101 at 48 x 24 x 2 inches, along with an additional nine 96 x 36 x 2 and six 96 x 48 x 2 for the lower-ceilinged rooms.

The signs were printed on acoustically transparent fabric from Guilford called Paradise. About its dependability, GeerFab’s Eric Geer says the fabric “lets me sleep at night.” The fabric was custom-printed at GeerFab in Milwaukee using a dye sublimation process on both sides. Fabrics were then sewn together with seams along sides and then grommets punched through for mounting, fully encapsulating 2 inches by 2 pounds (pcf, or pounds per cubic foot) fiberglass. It worked! …

From the MIX Magazine