GeerFab Acoustics News & Reviews

Feb 2018

GeerFab Acoustics in Mix magazine

Another weapon in combating ambient noise at NAMM probably went unnoticed by most attendees. The overhead signs hanging on the aisles flagging each row’s number served as additional acoustic treatment for the hall on both floors. GeerFab Acoustics manufactured all the signs for the project. There were 101 signs in…

Jan 2018

GeerFab Acoustics in Front of House magazine

And in a “why didn’t I think of this first” concept, NAMM 2018 will be pioneering sound-buffering aisle panels (hung overhead to indicate what row you are in), located throughout the show. Manufactured by sound absorption specialists GeerFab Acoustics, these 4×8-foot overhead panels feature a two-inch thick fiberglass batts wrapped…

Dec 2017

GeerFab Acoustics chosen by the NAMM Show

Sound-buffering aisle signs New this year, NAMM will be pioneering sound-buffering aisle signs and panels located throughout the show floor at the ACC and ACC North. Manufactured by the sound absorption specialists at GeerFab Acoustics , the design of the aisle signs features a two-inch thick fiberglass substrate wrapped in…