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US Patent No. 10,883,266 

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The groundbreaking MultiZorber OC703DR is the first time in retail history that a single acoustic product can be used in three ways: as a wall panel | as a ceiling-mounted cloud | and as a corner bass trap. Three products in one!

The MZ OC703DR features the renowned 3# density* 2″-thick Owens Corning 703 substrate — long recognized as the most powerful broadband absorber available. NRC 1.05. Weight: under 6 lbs.

The OC 703 fiberglass is encapsulated in a tightly-sewn “bag” of acoustically transparent Guilford FR701 fabric on the front and nylon sailcloth on the back, which adds to the bass absorption.

With the D-ring mounting system, the MZ OC703DR can be wall mounted vertically or horizontally in minutes with a pair of simple nails, like one would get with a picture hanging kit. The flushness of the D-rings allows the panel to be snug with the wall and transfer the load down the wall, so the nails/drywall feel little pressure.

With just 2 hooks from a hardware store, the MZ OC703DR can be mounted quickly in a corner to trap low frequencies.

With 4 hooks, the MZ OC703DR can be hung from the ceiling as a cloud.

The MZ OC703DR can also be leaned against a wall, hung on a mic stand and transported easily for use in another studio or recording environment.

The OC 703 substrate has long perplexed the acoustic products industry, as well as audio professionals worldwide. Too dense to accept grommets through the baffle (as with the 2# MultiZorber II) and not dense enough to accept a hardened edge with fabric glued to the fiberglass board (as with the 7# ProZorber), no one has successfully brought a finished OC 703 product to the retail market. Until now.

* (# = pcf = pounds per cubic foot – a cubic foot of OC703 weighs 3 lbs)


  • 3 products in one – Wall Panel, Cloud and Bass Trap
  • 2″ | 3# Owens Corning 703 fiberglass board with nylon sailcloth on the back and Guilford FR701 fabric on the front
  • Best looking and lightest weight OC 703 product on the market – NO frames that add weight and decrease absorption
  • D-ring mounting system on the back allows for the easiest, least intrusive wall mounting of any acoustic panel, as well as corner and ceiling mounting
  • NRC 1.05 against a wall or ceiling, even more as a free-standing baffle, cloud or trap
  • 2 sizes – 24″ x 48″ x 2″ and 24″ x 24″ x 2″ pairs
  • Available in 3 colors – Guilford FR701 Bone, Coin and Black
  • Lightweight – less than 6 lbs
  • Portable acoustic environment
  • Class A Fire Rated
  • Made in Milwaukee, WI USA