MultiZorber II



The MultiZorber II offers the lightweight quality of foam with the acoustic performance qualities of fiberglass, completely encapsulated in attractive Guilford FR701 fabric on the front and nylon sailcloth on the back.

The MultiZorber II improves on the original, 2013 NAMM Best in Show MultiZorber by replacing the sailcloth front with Guilford FR701 fabric, which allows for greatly enhanced mid and high frequency absorption, along with a more refined look.

The sailcloth on the back helps to retain the bass absorption and rugged durability of the original MZ, and for the portability factor, avoids the Velcro effect of fabric on fabric.

The substrate in the MZ II is a custom Certainteed 2” | 2# fiberglass that allows for the mounting versatility of grommets but has more defined edges and dimensional stability than the more common 1.5# or 1.65# substrates.

Because of its unique mounting system, MultiZorber panels can be hung on a wall or from the ceiling in seconds, hung as a baffle, leaned against a wall, hung on a mic stand or mounted quickly in a corner to trap low frequencies.

MultiZorber panels can be removed just as quickly, and transported easily for use in another studio or recording environment.

Mounting hardware: coming soon will be “S” hooks in packages of 12, which can be used as is for hanging as a baffle and with a slight twist, allow for wall mounting. Or 3M Command Large Wire Hooks 17069 are a convenient, easy and non-intrusive mounting method.


  • Versatile, lightweight, portable, durable, easy-to-install broadband acoustic absorption
  • 2″ | 2 pcf density fiberglass with nylon sailcloth on the back and Guilford FR701 fabric on the front
  • NRC 0.90 against a wall or ceiling | NRC 1.35 as a free-standing baffle
  • Mounting options: offset from a wall, hang in free space as a baffle, install in a corner as a bass trap, hang from a ceiling, hang on a mic stand
  • Portable acoustic environment
  • Class A fire-rated
  • Made in Milwaukee, WI USA